Shelia Beck
Cafeteria Manager
East Milton Elementary

Letter of Nomination
“It’s a beautiful day to learn, but you must eat to have brain food”, says enthusiastic East Milton Elementary Cafeteria Manager Shelia Beck. 

Mrs. Beck has served Santa Rosa County and East Milton for 22 years.  Her bookkeeping is superb.  Audit records consistently reflect 100% accuracy.  Coworkers admire her flexibility and willingness to take charge of seemingly overwhelming situations like instructing 3 and 4 year olds to key in their lunch numbers and make wise food choices.  She also willingly provides alternative foods for special needs students and encourages them to develop life and vocational skills on a daily basis.

Serving as in-service representative for food service, our nominee motivated workers by offering classes in varied fields such as job improvement, communication skills, computer literacy and even line dancing and aerobics!

Shelia Beck’s never ending love and generosity for students, parents and employees is exhibited daily.  By providing food for sick or grieving families, giving ice cream money to a sad child or advising the principal that salt is unhealthy, her sincerity and dedication is evident.

East Milton Elementary is proud to have Mrs. Shelia Beck as an integral part of our East Milton family.  She is truly a vital link in education.  Her leadership ability and sincere compassion make her an excellent choice for Santa Rosa County’s School Related Employee for the year.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
When one enters the Desert Deli, our school cafeteria, it doesn’t take long to recognize who’s in charge.  It’s our dynamic Cafeteria Manager!  She keeps everyone and every thing under control and running like a well-oiled machine!  Arriving at school in the dark, per-dawn hours, she strives daily to live up to her motto “Be the Best That WE Can Be”.

Our nominee shows those qualities that make a manager forceful and effective. First and foremost, this mega manager assures that our students are privy to everything that is available to them.  She displays energy and vitality in making the breakfast and lunch program a working part of our school and one that compliments other areas of our program.   She has served green eggs and ham for breakfast on Dr. Seuss Day; served Mexican food for our tour of Mexico; and coordinated cookouts to celebrate Accelerated Reader Day.  She also prepares food for tasting parties for our primary grades.

Our manager handles the unexpected with coolness.  Once during construction, we had a power outage.  She quickly phoned other managers in the district, borrowed food for sandwiches, rustled up some chips and fruit and worked with her crew by flashlight to assure that every student received a lunch! 

Our manager cares deeply about our students’ needs.  She encourages students to eat breakfast and lunch to take care of their nutritional needs and she takes time to talk, laugh and hug individual students to nurture their self-esteem. 

Our manager is of strong will and strong character.  She faithfully serves in her church and she is devoted to her country.

It is with great pride that I recommend our cafeteria manager for the SREY award.