Barbara Hunter
Secretary II
Data Processing

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee is always sensitive to co-workers and is a friend to every one.   In addition to her regularly assigned duties she looks for additional ways she can be helpful.   She takes the initiative to seek out additional helpful work and follows through to completion.   No job is too small for her and she always follows through with assigned task.   She arrives at work on time ready to start work and brings a wonderful positive attitude.   She goes the extra mile to help others and is genuinely concerned for others.  All of her co-workers like her and enjoy working with her.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee is one of the most precious people you will ever meet.  She always looks on the positive side of everything and brings out the best in everyone she works with.   She is enthusiastic about trying new things.  During recent years she has learned many of the advanced technical responsibilities related to computer applications.  She has worked through the most complex duties related to Secretary and has established a widespread reputation for accuracy.  One of her responsibilities includes keeping track of work orders for all the Technicians.  She skillfully and effectively communicates with each person when they have questions or concerns about the work order process.

She is the informal leader in many of the department social functions.  We all depend on her to bring just the right touch of class and elegance to the activity.  

She has worked through several home and family issues and in the process demonstrated how adversity can make a person stronger.  Santa Rosa School Board is very fortunate to have her as an employee.