Marie Lee
Area Supervisor
Custodial Services

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee has been in our department for a long time and knows her job very well.  She is dedicated to our organization, and takes very little time off.  She looks out for the people she oversees, and consistently displays a pleasant personality.  She gets along well with everyone. 

Marie has been with the custodial services department for 9 years.  As a result of her dedication, she was promoted to the role of area supervisor.  She is a loyal employee as shown by her longevity.  As an are supervisor, she always speaks highly of our organization and the Santa Rosa School District.  She is helpful in any way she is able.  She is respectful to her co-workers, and is a pleasure to work with.

Marie has handled many difficult situations with tact and diplomacy.  She has an amazing ability to know what is appropriate to do or say in dealing with others.  She is honest and forthright, and if I was in a tight spot, I’d be lucky to have her in my corner.  She is good natured, with a wonderful sense of humor.  She handles her job with efficiency and confidence, while showing compassion and understanding for others.

She has experience and proficiency in all areas of our operation.  She has excellent leadership and management skills and although she is a supervisor, she doesn’t mind pitching in to help the custodians complete their tasks.  She displays a professional appearance and attitude, and represents our district well.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Our nominee has earned a great deal of admiration from the people in our department, as well as many others throughout the district.  With dependability rarely found, and a level of dedication that extends beyond which most consider “regular work hours”, she is an essential member of our team. 

Everyone appreciates a supervisor who provides the resources we need to do our jobs effectively.  Fifty custodial workers in 9 schools can count on our nominee to provide the products, supplies, direction and moral support to enable them to do their part to fulfill the shared mission this great district.