Joyce DeMarcus
Secretary III
Chumuckla Elementary

Letter of Nomination
It is my pleasure to recommend our nominee for School Related Employee of the Year.

This is her first year at our school and that is quite an honor to be nominated by your peers in such a short time.  But as you read on you will understand why.  Our nominee is our School Secretary, Bookkeeper, Receptionist, and one day a week our Health Tech.  She does this for 213 students, 31 staff members, 400+ parents and the entire community! 

She walked into our school following someone who had served for over 33 years. She greets everyday with a smile and kind word for everyone she comes in contact with.  In the first few weeks the students came in looking for that familiar face that had helped them so many times in the past, only to find a new face and it didn’t take long for them to realize they had a new friend and school mother.  Being the mother of three sons and the grandmother of 6 grandchildren she has plenty of practice caring for all the needs of our little and big ones!!  When asked about here job here – she feels she wears many hats but is quick to say so does everyone else.  

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
It is my pleasure to nominate Mrs. Joyce DeMarcus as Chumuckla’s candidate for Santa Rosa County School Related Employee of the Year.

This is Mrs. DeMarcus first year at Chumuckla Elementary and her selection by our seasoned staff speaks volumes about her ability.  Her positive attitude and love of the children are reflected in the outstanding job she does.  Mrs. DeMarcus has shown her enthusiasm, innovativeness and flexibility in working in this often very difficult setting.  For you see at Chumuckla Elementary, Mrs. DeMarcus serves as our School Secretary, Bookkeeper, Receptionist and one day a week School Health Tech.  She takes care of the needs of 213 students, 31 staff members, 400+ parents and the entire community of Chumuckla.  Mrs. DeMarcus gives generously of her valuable time, and often her work extends beyond the school day to late evenings.

Mrs. DeMarcus has gone above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that the children, staff and parents feel confident in all areas she controls.  Mrs. DeMarcus is a true professional and her unconditional love of our children and caring nature for our staff combined with her poise, eloquence and ability to withstand this demanding position proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the title of School Related Employee of the Year has not been lightly bestowed.