Amy Padgett
Food Service Worker
Central High School

Letter of Nomination
Our nominee for Employee of the year is much more than just a good employee.  She is so dedicated to her job and co-workers.  The day she got an emergency phone call that her two year old son had broken his collarbone, she was torn between rushing to him and not leaving her co-worker stranded until help arrived.

She is also a leader.  When her manager is not at work, she doesn't hesitate to take charge.  She makes intelligent decisions and handles any problems that come along.  She is always eager to improve her skills.  She attends safety meetings and enthusiastically brings back information to share with her co-workers.  She also shares safety information that she receives a volunteer firefighter - like how to properly use a fire extinguisher or maybe up to date CPR techniques.  She loves serving her community as a volunteer fire fighter.  She is secretary for her department and also is currently "Officer of the Year".  Because of her special training, she knew what to do the day she spotted a building on fire at our school.  The building was lost, but because of her quick response the buildings nearly were saved.

Her positive disposition makes her a fun person to work with.  She is a great Employee of the Year.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Amy is truly an asset to our school.  She has won the respect of our faculty, staff, and student body through her hard work, dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile to make our lunch program a success.

Her smile and super-friendly attitude brightens all who come in contact with her on a daily basis.  She works diligently to make sure the food is prepared according to accepted standards and is tasty and nutritious.  She plays an important role in providing a clean, neat, attractive cafeteria for students and staff.

Amy has participated in numerous in-service and training activities in order to become more proficient at her job.  she has learned how to operate the computer system in the cafeteria and is willing and able to provide leadership when the manager is absent.

She has helped with numerous after-school activities, banquets, etc.  She is also a dedicated volunteer firefighter in her community, which shows how much she cares for the health and welfare of others

Amy is an outstanding person who plays an important role in education and takes this responsibility very seriously.  I am extremely proud to work with her in her quest to provide our students with a quality food service program.