Sarah Barker
Production Kitchen Manager
Berryhill Elementary School

Letter of Nomination

It is with great pleasure that I am able to describe our nominee to this committee.  She has brought joy and life not only to our school cafeteria but also to the entire school.  I realize that all too many times, school related employees go unnoticed and unrecognized.  This is simply not possible with our nominee.  She started this school year off as our new Production Kitchen Manager.  From the very beginning, she asked our entire staff what SHE could do for us and how SHE could make our jobs easier.  She took the time to find our what our STUDENTS needed.  From that point, she took initiative and made sure that those needs were filled.

She has brought a positive attitude with her.   This is evident in both the eyes of her kitchen staff and the students she serves.  She takes the time to talk to our students and even more importantly; she takes the time to talk WITH our students.   As for the staff that is under her direction… you can walk by our kitchen at any time during the day and hear pleasant chatter and the sound of laughter. There is truly not a more deserving person for this honor.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
How do you spell “conscientious, efficient, dedicated,” etc., etc.?  Well, that is really simple!  It is SARAH, our nominee for SREY!  She has only been with us a short time but in that time I have seen many positive changes take place in our food service program.  In fact the change has been scary.  One never knows what to expect when you enter the lunchroom now.  The workers may be dressed up as characters in American history, clowns, elves, cowgirls, pilgrims, Indians or even as if they had just gotten up wearing their pajamas.  Friday seems to be “Dress Up Day” but you never really know until you enter the lunchroom.  Something exciting always seems to be going on much to the delight of the children and the adults.  As a result participation in the food service program has risen dramatically.

Each morning as the students enter the lunch line, our nominee greets them in a positive nurturing manner.  The students greatly enjoy this interaction, as does our nominee.  She provides enthusiastic support to all school events by providing whatever is necessary to make sure the food service program participates.  She is always doing something special for not only our students but also our faculty and staff.  Coffee is always available for our staff.  In fact all employees are encouraged to come visit our nominee’s kitchen.  She has the ability to juggle this task yet run a highly efficient program of which we are all so very proud.  She takes pride in meeting the needs and wishes of our school family.  Her efforts are greatly appreciated by all!!