Melanie Stanley
Secretary I
Bagdad Elementary School

Letter of Nomination
It is such a pleasure to be working with our nominee for school related employee of the year. Each day when I come to work she makes it a pleasant work day in an area where there are so many different tasks to do.  She is always so helpful and willing to fill in where ever the need is and offers her assistance to anyone she sees who needs some.  She always has a smile and a laugh to make even the most hectic days a little brighter.  She is always up to the challenge of whatever is asked of her.

I feel blessed to be working with such a compassionate person who is always making my day brighter and my workload lighter by offering her assistance.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
Have you ever met a person that can handle a million different things in just one day?  Well, our Non-Instructional Employee of the Year does that each and every work day.

Just imagine if you were asked to sit in this “HOT SEAT” for a day and handle such responsibilities as student registration, attendance, records, immunizations, phone calls, messages to staff and students, intercom and bus radio communication, bus routes and changes, staff handbooks, student planners and supply list, irate and distraught parents, custodial communication, courier mail, work orders, questions, problems, and concerns from 620 students, 60 staff members, and 1,000 Parents, Step-Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians all bombarding you from every direction!

Overwhelming as this daily challenge may seem, she handles each and every tasks with a positive, accurate, and professional attitude!  She has always performed her duties with an attitude of “whatever it takes to get the job done”, that no job is too large or too small.  She always exhibits the ability to handle situations with diplomacy and sets a great example for her co-workers.  She adapts and prioritizes each situation required of her and is able to maintain a warm and gentle spirit even in the most stressful situation.  It did not take very long for her to gain the respect and admiration of our staff, students, parents and community. 

Our Employee of the Year is the first person that parents meet when registering their child at our school.  She is the one that gives those entering our school their first impression of what our school is all about.  We are proud to say that her most wonderful smile, pleasant warm spirit, and professional attitude always promotes a positive image of our school and the Santa Rosa County School District.

Our employee of the year is very deserving to be recognized as Santa Rosa County’s Employee of the Year!  We are proud to have such a dedicated professional to represent our school and our many wonderful School Related Employee’s.