Michael Shaw
Systems Analyst
Berryhill Administrative Complex

Letter of Nomination
No matter how busy our nominee is with his own work or how many times he is interrupted, our co-worker always greets folks with a smile.  He is willing to assist with whatever he can, even if it isnít in his job description.

Not only does he meet his responsibilities, he continually challenges himself, stays informed and on top of the most up to date information and technology so he can incorporate it into his work.  His work touches all school bases in the county; therefore he assists many of us.  He always makes new information available to his co-workers, which shows that he understands the importance of well-trained and informed employees. If he canít solve a problem immediately, he will return shortly with a solution or make another attempt!

When you combine his super personality with the wonderful work ethic he possesses, he is a class act!  He is definitely an asset to the entire school system and has a very bright future.

Our friend and co-worker certainly fits the criteria and beyond for school related employee of the year 2003.

Administrator's Letter of Recommendation
It is my distinct pleasure to nominate this candidate as Santa Rosa County School Related Employee of the Year.

This individual serves our department as a System Analyst.  He has been instrumental in assisting with the programming and development of the districts Integrated Services Database.  Additionally, he maintains the department website, assists with troubleshooting, monitors the database and willingly provides training and technical support to staff members on an as needed basis.

This individual consistently works above and beyond the call of duty.  He is an extremely humble individual and approaches all of his tasks with a smile and an open heart.  He puts all others above himself and strives for perfection.  His contributions have enabled the district and this department to advance technologically and to meet the challenges of data integration.

I challenge you to join our department in celebrating the success of this amazing, talented gentleman by selecting him as the Santa Rosa county School Related Employee of the Year.