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spelling sort for those needing extra support`
Spelling sort for students who need more support.
  beginning sounds
Students sort pictures by beginning sounds.
Students sort pictures by beginning blends or digraphs.
growing sight words
Encourage students to learn their sight words using this cute flower idea.
  learning goals
One example of displaying learning goals in small group.
  making words
Metal cookie sheets help students keep the letters from getting lost.
medial vowel
Colored pictures in a plastic sleeve make a center more interesting without the expense of color copies for all students.
  whole group
Students may benefit from practice using sound boxes (Elkonin Boxes) in whole group as an introduction.
This is an example of how one teacher teaches her students which letters are tall and which go below the line. Notice the board and the alphabet charts above the board.
sorting objects by beginning sound
Students sort objects by beginning sounds.
Sort pictures by beginning sounds.
  organizing spelling sorts 
Organize word scramble letters in koolaid singles containers.
story map
Story Map that can be completed after a read aloud
  Big Idea
A cute way to do Main Idea.  This could be used in a variety of ways. One way is to add to it every day after your read aloud, or every day after each small group.
  beg sound
Beginning Sounds extension- children match objects to letter of beginning sound. (From Phyllis Hassell)
Behavior Bears   center management   how to manage centers
Behavior Bears to track behavior (Kari Carter)   Kari Carter's way of rotating centers    Kari Carter's organization to keep up with pictures for center rotation chart 
individual sight words   Stamp letters   Whole group rug
Each student has a ring of sight word cards to use in their writing. (Kari Carter)    Students stamp sight words.  This is a neat way to keep it organized! (Kari Carter)    Kari Carter uses rubber floor mats as a rug.  It provides plenty of space for each child.








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