Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department

Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department


RFP 13-10 Group Medical Insurance (also available in Word)


Appendix 1:      PPO Plan Summary Descriptions:

a)      Blue Options PPO 05773 – High Option plan

b)      Blue Options PPO 05301 – Low Option plan

Appendix 2:      HDHP/HSA Plan Summary Descriptions:

a)      BlueOptions HDHP/HSA 05181/82 – High Option plan

b)      BlueOptions HDHP/HSA 05192/93 – Low Option plan

Appendix 3:     

Blue Medicare PPO Plan Summary Description

Appendix 4:     

Medical Claims Experience Reports 2010-2013

Appendix 5:     

Medical High Cost Claims Report 2010-2013

Appendix 6:     

Top Utilized Facilities 2010-2013

Appendix 7:     

Medical Rates by Plan and Monthly Contributions by School Board and Employees

Appendix 8:     

Rate History Report 2011-2013

Appendix 9:     

Medical Census Report 2013

Appendix 10:   

Blue Medicare Census Report 2013

 Appendix 11:   

COBRA Enrollment Report 2011-2013

Appendix 12:   

Retiree Enrollment Report 2011-2013

Appendix 13:   

Prescription Utilization Report 2010-2013

Appendix 14:   

Top 25 Physicians by Paid Date 2010-2013

Question and Answer Addendum 1  Coverage Codes for Appendix 9, Medical Census Report
Question and Answer Addendum 2  Medical Census with Zip Codes
Question and Answer Addendum 3
Question and Answer Addendum 4  Plan Code Descriptions for Medical Census by Age
Question and Answer Addendum 5  Medical Census Question

Time-line and Committee Dates
Revised Award Time-Line
Intended Award