Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department

Early Textbook Procedures


Procedures for the Purchase of Instructional Materials Prior to the End of Fiscal Year


Updated September 28, 2022


When ordering instructional materials prior to the end of the current fiscal year on the basis of next year’s instructional material allocation, use the following procedures:

1.  Key in a request for purchase order to Fl School Book Depository V 559 for $0.01, using the funding line that you would normally use to purchase textbooks.

2.  In the Comments box enter:  Return P.O. to School. 

3.  In comments to Vendor box enter:  Reference Order Document #. Attention Liz Rafidy                       

4.  On the first line in the description area, please enter “Pursuant to Florida Statute 1006.40(6), textbook order in the amount of  $ __________”.  (enter the total amount of the request) Only enter the total amount in the description area.  Under QTY enter 1 and under Amount enter .01

5.  On the next line enter “Classroom Text Books, see attached list”.  Then key in “Do Not Invoice Before July”.  Again enter “Attn:  Liz Rafidy”.

6.  The resulting purchase order will be returned to the requesting site, by the Purchasing Department, so the list of textbooks may be attached before mailing the order to the FL School Book Depository.  They will begin processing your order immediately. 

7.  Purchasing will increase the purchase order to the total amount, found in the description, when your textbook funds become available in July.  When you receive your invoice please upload into file box in FOCUS and notify Accounts Payable to release payment.