Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department




For Rebates issued as a check:

If an item is purchased and comes with a rebate, fill out all required paperwork designating the rebate to be paid to the Santa Rosa County School District.  Have the rebate sent to the school / office where the purchase was made.  When the check arrives, attach it to a budget amendment form.  In the "from" section put "attached check".  In the "to" section, list the coding from which the item was paid.  Forward the transfer form and check to the finance department.

budget amendment form



For rebates issued as a gift card:

If the rebate is issued as a gift card, make sure the gift card is used to purchase items that would have used the same budget line for the purchase.  Keep a record of the rebate received as a gift card and the purchase that was made with the gift card. At least two district employees need to sign the documentation.