Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department

Procurement Card Program
Includes Visa Card and MasterCard


P-cards are to be used for purchases of $2500 or less unless approved by Purchasing Department personnel in advance.The Visa P-Card is used for appropriated funds and the MasterCard is to be used for federal fund purchases.

Refer to the P-card Procedures Manual for information regarding the P-Card program.   


P-Card Procedures Manual   This document includes bookmarks for each section. Click on the the title in the table of contents and it will take you to the appropriate section.

To activate a card or assign a PIN

SunTrust Website         If you have forgotten your password, please call the Purchasing Department.

To report a lost or stolen card, call 1-800-836-8562.

Training Video      This link should take you to myPD where you will search for #21515 Initial Purchasing Card(P-Card Training) under My Courses.


 New PCard Request Form          Cardholder Agreement Form            P-Card Tip Sheet        P-Card Tip Card

Coding Worksheet          Checkout Log Form         P-Card Lost Receipt Form

There are two different ways to download statements from the SunTrust website.  You can download multiple statements at one time or you can download statements one at a time.  

Download multiple statements at one time                Download one statement at a time

You can also view current transactions at any given time.  This helps the Intermediary to enter the transactions in TERMS for the request for Purchase Order on a daily basis.   Remember that it takes two business days for transactions to post to SunTrust.

How to View current P-Card transactions  

Dispute Procedures

If there is a fraud charge on your Suntrust account or statement, contact the vendor to see if a credit can be issued for the fraud charge. If the vendor will not issue a credit, contact the Purchasing department. The Purchasing department will notify SunTrust. A case number will be issued. SunTrust will email Purchasing department an Affidavit of Fraud which will be forwarded to the Intermediary (bookkeeper/secretary) to complete and sign. The Intermediary will email Purchasing personnel with a copy to Accounts Payable departments. The Intermediary should obtain an email confirmation that the Affidavit of Fraud form was received. SunTrust will automatically close the card and issue a new card. Purchasing personnel will follow up to make sure the fraud is reconciled. If the fraud was charged on a department/school card and the bank did not reconcile and close the fraud case, the department/school may be responsible for the fraud charges.

Miscellaneous Information

 Refresher Cardholder Training                    VISA Audit Information                    P-Card Download Schedule FY23

Helpful Hints Regarding Fraud                                                                               

P-Card Incentive Program

P-Card Incentive Award Winners and Pictures