Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department

Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department


When it is determined that it is in the best interest of the district for an employee to have a cellular phone, the cost center head will recommend for approval to the appropriate assistant superintendent one of the following options:


1.       District Owned Cellular Phones – To be used for official purposes only.  No incoming or outgoing personal calls will be allowed.  The phone will not allow calls to be placed or received from a number not on the authorized list.  Cost center heads will be responsible to monitor invoices to insure the phones are used only for authorized calls.  Unless special permission is granted, district owned cellular phones will be issued from the work site and turned in at the end of the work day.  A list of authorized plans will be maintained by the purchasing department.  Cost of cellular phone will be a school/department expense. 


2.       Contract Vendors – No cellular devices or stipends will be provided to contract vendors. 


3.       Employee Owned Cellular Phones – A monthly stipend will be paid to employees based on the number of minutes and features authorized.  Employee must have an approved yearly stipend application on file with proof of service attached.  Proof of service audits will periodically be conducted during each stipend approved year by the cost center head.  Cost of stipend will be a school/department expense.  Stipends will be as follows:


Voice only:           

                Level One              450 minutes                          $30.00

                Level Two              450-900 minutes                 $45.00

                Level Three           Unlimited                               $85.00


Voice with Data:

                Level Four             450 minutes                          $40.00

                Level Five              450-900 minutes                 $55.00

                Level Six                                Unlimited                               $85.00


Employee Responsibility


Research indicates that the use of mobile hand held units while driving is dangerous.  Hand held devices include cellular phones, pagers, PDA’s and other communication devices.  The SRCSB prohibits employees from using mobile hand held units to place or receive calls, text message, surf the Internet, receive or respond to emails, check phone messages, or any other purpose related to employment or any other personal related activity not named while driving, unless using a “hands free” cellular phone or similar device.


Employees who are charged with traffic violations resulting from the use of a cellular phone or other communication device while driving will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result from such actions.  Violation of this policy will be subject to the highest forms of discipline, including termination.