Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department

Santa Rosa School District Purchasing Department



Payment:  Cellular services will be paid directly by accounts payable as a utility.  A copy of the cell phone statement will be sent to each user’s work site for reference purposes, but no action will be needed on the cost centers part for monthly payments.  If unauthorized calls or any other problems are on the statement, please contact the director of purchasing.

Cost centers will need to budget for this expense.  

The coding is to be as follows:  100-7900-375-XXXX-901/902 

The function must be 7900 and the object code 375.  Only one budget line is allowed for payment of cell phones, and cost centers are strongly encouraged to use fund 100, and project 901 (schools) or 902 (departments).

Note:  To use internal funds, send a check made out to "Santa Rosa County School District" with a budget amendment form to the finance department.  On the "from" section of the form, write "attached check".  In the "to" section, use the coding as listed above.  Finance will then place the funds in the proper budget.