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The Santa Rosa County School Board Purchasing Department is located at 6544 Firehouse Road, Milton, FL  32570. (Directions) Office hours are from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  For appointments, please call (850) 983-5130.   Information about the Santa Rosa County School Board Purchasing Department including past and present bids, proposals, award tabulations, property control, surplus information and staff directory are found on our Internet homepage:

The Santa Rosa County School Board, through the Purchasing Department, welcomes all vendors who desire to do business with the school system.  It is our policy to treat all sales persons and companies fairly.  This is done through open competition, ensuring that contracts are awarded to contractors who comply with specifications, terms and conditions and who also have the capacity to deliver the product or service at the best price.

The Santa Rosa County School Board places orders through purchase orders and by the use of procurement cards (VISA/MasterCard).  Schools also make purchases by using internal fund purchase orders and procurement cards.


As of August 2013, the Santa Rosa County School District is comprised of approximately thirty administrative departments and thirty-two school sites who service over 26,000 students. We continue to grow rapidly, completing additions at school sites to comply with all State, DOE and School Board laws and policies.


The Santa Rosa County School Board Certificate of Exemption is exempt from all federal excise and state sales tax.   Our federal tax identification number is 59-6000845.


It is required by Florida State Statues and Santa Rosa County School Board policy to solicit competitive sealed bids or proposals for purchases of commodities, insurance, and contractual services which exceed $50,000.  The following procedures are followed:

  1. Notice to all known prospective vendors is made through BidNet Direct, Santa Rosa County School Board's bid management partner.  To do business with Santa Rosa County School Board, vendors must register with BidNet Direct by visiting the Purchasing website and completing the registration information. Bidnet Direct registration is required for all vendors who wish to view bid documents, amendments and bid awards.  Purchasing personel are responsible for the procurement of “Commodities, Insurance, and Contractual Services”, governed by FS 287 and State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.012.  These bids and proposals will be completed according to Board Policy, listed with BidNet Direct and posted on the purchasing website at  Bids and contracts for public construction works, however, are governed by FS 255.20 and are managed by the facilities department.  Bids are posted on the Facilities Department website at
  2. Sealed bids are received, logged in and opened at a specified time and location.  All who wish to attend the public openings are cordially invited.  Only the names of the companies who submitted bids will be announced at bid openings.  Bids are then sealed to allow for tabulation and study.
  3. After tabulation and study a "notice of intended decision" is posted to BidNet Direct, posted on the public notice board outside the Purchasing Office and posted on the Purchasing website on the date and time specified in the bid. 
  4. The RFB/RFP recommendation is submitted to the Santa Rosa County School Board for award on the date specified in the bid.
  5. After award a formal purchase order is prepared and issued.


Santa Rosa County School District also makes purchases by utilizing the Florida State Contracts.  These contracts allow the District to make purchases over the bid amount without having to create a new bid.  Contracts such as Audio Visual Equipment, Office Furniture, School Furniture are viewed and used often.


In lieu of seeking competitive bids and by mutual consent of the District and the Vendor, the District has the option to purchase under current contracts from other governmental agencies at the unit prices offered in their bid documents, if the prices are of economic advantage to the School District.


All vendors who will be doing business on school grounds, while students are in attendance, must meet the requirements of the Jessica Lunsford Act.  Please follow this link for instructions and payment of required fee:  Jessica Lunsford Act


All construction or service contracts require insurance certificates naming the School Board as additional insured.  Further insurance questions may be answered by contacting the Risk Management Department (850) 983-5008.


Board policy requires quotations for purchases over $12,500.  The Director of Purchasing has the authority to require quotes for purchases of any amount.  The written quotes are issued to three or more vendors.  After the quotes have been received, they are tabulated, evaluated and awarded.  A formal purchase order is then prepared and issued.


The Santa Rosa School District uses procurement cards (VISA/Mastercard) to make all purchases under $2500.00.


Requests for purchase orders are initiated at the school or department level and approved by the Purchasing Manager.  No services are to be rendered or product delivered until obtaining a purchase order.  The purchase order list the specific items to be delivered, price, quantity, delivery location, requirements, terms and conditions.  The purchase order serves as a contract and is forwarded to the vendor from the Purchasing Department.


Please contact the school or department who initiated the purchase order if there is a question about the information stated on the purchase order or an increase or decrease in price.  The contact information, including phone number, is found in the upper right hand corner of the purchase order.  The initiating School or Department Administrator must approve any changes or increases.


Payments are made from the School District's Accounts Payable Department.  Invoices should be sent to the school or department listed on the purchase order. The purchase order number must be listed on the invoice.  Checks are issued and payments made on a weekly basis except holiday schedules.


The process of registering as a vendor with the School Board is simple. Vendors must register with BidNet Direct, our data base providers, or by calling BidNet Direct;s toll free number for assistance, 1-800-835-4603.  The application provides the School Board with basic information required by the IRS.  Only those vendors who have registered with the Santa Rosa County School Board Purchasing Department may be issued purchase orders and subsequently a payment. 


A request for bid (RFB) or request for proposal (RFP) is sent to vendors registered with BidNet Direct.   Solicitations will be sent to those who made selections from a specific category list on the BidNet Direct application and have completed their registration.


Most purchases under $2500.00 are made through the School District's "MarketPlace".  Vendors who have gone through the bid process for school and office supplies, athletic and science equipment and much more, have linked their online catalogs to our MarketPlace with contract pricing listed.  This allows end users to make purchases online, using their procurement cards.


The Purchasing Department maintains a surplus warehouse.  Auctions are held online via Gov Deals on an as needed basis.  For further information contact the Surplus Department at (850) 983-5143.


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