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Property Control Forms

Choose one of the following options by clicking on the link. Download to your computer. Open the file from your computer to enable the ability to save the document. You can then send it via email.


  1. Transfer property from one school to another school
  2. Property Tracking for BAC/ESE  (instructions)  (example)
  3. Remove property due to trade-in, loss, theft, damaged, or missing
  4. Transfer property from room to room at the same school/site location
  5. Acquire property through donation or internal funds purchase
  6. Temporary loan in excess of 5 working days 
  7. Out for Repair in excess of 30 working days 
  8. Missing Items - Documentation for end of year inventory audit.
  9. Records Disposition To turn in records/paperwork.
  10. Non-Controlled Property for Sale (at school site)







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