Paraprofessional Qualifications

**Employees hired after March 13, 2013 and all other applicants must successfully complete a minumum 48 semester college hours earned toward a college degree & verified by college transcript to become qualified for Paraprofessional.


Current Employees hired prior to March 13, 2013 will need to complete one of the following options:

  1. Complete 14 hours of approved in-service in Paraprofessional Training Components and successfully pass the Educational Testing Service Paraprofessional Assessment Test (Praxis).

    All of the following courses are required: (8 hours)
    Differentiated Classroom (2 hours)
            ESE 101 (2 hours)
            Recognizing Signs & Symptoms of Emotional Distress (2 hours)
            Response to Intervention (RTI) (2 hours)
    Then choose ONE of the following 6 hour class options:
            Common Core K-5: Close Reading (3 hours) + Common Core K-5: Text Complexity (3 hours)
            Common Core K-5: Mathematics (6 hours)
            Common Core 6-12: English Language Arts (6 hours)
            Common Core 6-8: Mathematics (6 hours)
            Common Core 9-12: Mathematics (6 hours)

    Please see Module Offerings: Santa Rosa – MODULES for Para Pro Subscription to learn more about the courses.

    All courses listed above can be found on the Beacon website. Directions for creating a Beacon account and course registration can be found below:

    Registration for online courses begins here

    Once the required 14 hours of in-service has been satisfied, the employee must contact Terri Powell in the Human Resource office @ 983-5037 for information about the Praxis test.
                    Upcoming test dates: February 17 or March 16



  2. Successfully complete a minumum of 48 semester college hours or Associate's degree.


 If you have questions about this process, Please contact Terri Powell @ 983-5037 or email


  1. An employee who has earned 48 semester college hours or more is not required to satisfy the in-service hours or take the Praxis test.
  2. Paraprofessionals are required to work directly with students at least 50% of their day.
  3. A Principal’s recommendation is not automatic.  It is dependent upon staffing & the assigned duties of the employee.
  4. However, once Para-qualified, the employee is eligible to interview and possibly transfer to school sites in need of Paraprofessionals.