Saving Our Schools (SOS)

SOS is an initiative to enable students to report anonymously any suspicious, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior that is occurring on the school campus. (Examples: Bullying, Drugs, Fighting)

By reporting this type of behavior you are helping make your school a safer place.

The form below will allow you to send a report to school administration.

When writing your message, please include as much information as possible, such as:

Please use the Submit button to help stop bullying and other problems, but remember that SOS submissions are completely anonymous: If you don't provide enough information, we can't act.

An example of a bad submission is "Joe keeps bugging this kid in my first time block." This submission is bad because Joe is a common name; we don't know which Joe is being discussed. We don't know who submitted the report, so "my first time block" could be any one of 50 on campus.

A better version of this submission would be: "Joe Smith keeps bugging John Doe in Mrs. Hensley's first time block." This gives us enough information to act.

Please let us know what the problem is.