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KMS School Advisory Council


Principal: Mr. Darren Brock
Superintendent: Dr. Karen Barber

Chairperson: Robert S. Cole
Vice Chairperson: Vance Knoch

All meetings of the KMS School Advisory Council are held in the KMS Library on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 am.


01/12/2021 Meeting CANCELLED

Minutes from 02/08/2022 Meeting

Minutes from the 04/12/2022 Meeting
Minutes from 03/09/2021 Meeting

Minutes from 05/11/2021 Meeting

Minutes from 09/14/2021 Meeting

Minutes from 11/09/2021 Meeting

Faculty Robert S. Cole - (Chairperson)
Vance Knoch - (Vice Chairperson)
Courtney Winland
Theresa Guy
Parents Kim Land
Ragan Soley
Education Support Personnel Mallory Suggs
Kristin Kennington
Community Kim Smith
Becky Upton (PTO)
Student Representatives Hayleigh Brown
Madilyn Hall
Addison Burney
Claire Kennington
Principal Darren Brock
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KMS P-S Compact 2021
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Florida State Statute governing SAC 1001.452
SRCSB Governance on School Advisory Councils
Florida School Advisory Councis are included under the Florida Sunshine Law
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