Coding sites in order of difficulty


Beginner - learn basic coding via drag-drop "Blockly" blocks - learn basic coding that will work with our school's own SPHERO! - coding with Disney "Inside Out" and fashion design. - javascript tutor that is a monster.  Straight code, no games. - learn basic coding while playing games of increasing difficulty - interactive stories, games, and animations.  Ages 8-12 - learn code, specifically javascript, by choosing between creating apps, games, or websites. - learn basic coding by making your own easy games (Hot Wheels, Monster High) or intermediate games (Code Monsters, Brick Breaker, Arcade Shooter) - learn javascript, specifically for drawing under "Computer programming".

Intermediate to Difficult - actually create your own phone app. - learn to build your own webpages via HTML - Javascript guide for beginners - Sent in by the Millers (Thanks)

Coding on your SmartPhone  

Kodable and Move the Turtle - App for programming a variety of smaller robots.  One of which is Sphero.

For the I-Pad