Finance Department

 Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budget, and Payroll

Finance Department Payroll Department

Finance Department   (Lynn) Accounting Analyst 850-983-5078    (Britney) Fiscal Assistant I 850.983.5025   (Maria) Fiscal Assistant III 850.983.5003   (Cindy)

Fiscal Assistant III



Payroll Department's Assignment of Schools/Work Sites

The Payroll Department can assist you with any of the following concerns. 

  •  Deductions
  •  Leave Balances
  •  Calculation of Pay
  •  Check Distribution
  •  Direct Deposit
  •  Extracurricular Payroll
  •  Blank Substitute Payroll Forms
  •  Long Term Substitute Reporting Form
  •  Copy of W-2 Forms
  •  Consent form for Electronic W2

 Some of these Payroll forms are available here.

The following information is provided for your convenience: