Teacher Open Access Request

(Submission form to request access to a site blocked by iBoss.)

If a site was previously open, your teacher's account may have been idle for too long, and iBoss downgraded your account temporarily to "guest."  Please log off and on; this fixes the access problem in 99% of cases.

Please download and fill out the following document and email it to your Review Team administrator (Principal or AP).  Be sure to indicate if the site needs to be opened for teachers and/or students. 63-11-26 Review Team Request Form

Urgent Need: If your site was previously approved and opened but has been blocked again, please log off and on first, and if still blocked, e-mail the following information to the Content Filter Administrator.

URL, Description, and Group Number)
iBoss Information needed to help you with unblocking site.
The Content Filter Administrator has been instructed to respond to your requests only when that information is included.