Elementary Education

April Martin, Director

Shana Hodge, Secretary

Request for Reassignment/Transfer Request/School ChoiceSchool bus image

Students in Santa Rosa County shall enroll in and attend the school located in their zone.  However, there are situations in which a parent may need or desire to have his/her child attend a Santa Rosa school other than the school in his/her residential zone.  If a parent wishes to do so, he/she will need to complete the Request for Student Transfer form and turn the completed form in to the Director of Elementary Education at the school district office.  This form may be found at the following link:  Due to limited enrollment capacity at each school, requests for student reassignment/transfer must meet one of the following criteria in order for the request to be approved:  active duty military parent, court order, medical need necessitating attendance at a specific school (documented by the student’s healthcare provider), student is already attending the school requested but moved out of the zone, or if there is an academic or extracurricular program with a course available at one school and not available at the school in their residence zone (typically applies to high schools). Only those Request for Transfer forms meeting school district criteria will be approved.

If you need to know which elementary school is zoned for your residential area, you may go to and enter your address.   You would need to click in the circle next to Elementary Schools.  The map will reflect the name of the designated elementary school for your address.  You may check for the middle and high school zones at this site, as well.

School Choice:  During the Controlled Open Enrollment time period, which is from April 12 to May 27, 2019, parents may complete a School Choice form to request that their child attend a Santa Rosa school not located in their zone.  The completed form should be turned in to the Elementary Education Office at our district offices. However, completing this form does not mean that the student is automatically able to enroll in and attend the requested school.  With School Choice, the requested school must have available space beyond their capacity in order for the request to be approved.  For more information about School Choice and Controlled Open Enrollment, please go to the following link: