(NOTE: Only Tech Contacts can install this software on your computer at work. Plug in any mimio hub (USB device) to activate your software. MimioMobile iPad app (teacher manager) trial will also be installed, but it costs $175 to purchase for a classroom and activate. It is not required.)

Please check here for the latest Mimio files.


Tech Coaches: How To Use The Files Above

  1. Log on with your Santa Rosa account.
  2. Create a new folder called downloads or something similar on your C: drive
  3. Get the software by right-clicking on a link and selecting Save Target As...
  4. Save it to the new folder you created on your C drive. DO NOT SAVE IT IN "MY DOCUMENTS" OR ON YOUR DESKTOP.
  5. Locate the file in your new folder
  6. Right click the file and if you see Run As... select that.
    If not, log off and log on as TechCoach. Find the file in the folder on your C drive, double click the file and follow the instructions. (This won't work if you saved the file in My Documents or on your Desktop.
  7. If you selected Run As...  click the radio button at the bottom and type in dp#####\techcoach
  8. Enter the password you were given for the techcoach account
  9. Follow the setup instructions.

That should let you install the software.

After installation, you should see the trackpad icon option in the system tray (lower right corner next to date and time). There should also be one in Control Panel when you open the MOUSE control panel.

****Note If you donít see a RUN ASÖ option when you right click on the file, do this:

Log off your santarosa username and then log on as Account Username: techcoach and change the domain to your machine DP##### (in the domain pull-down menu).
If you donít remember the password for the techcoach account, please call me.

Once youíve logged in as techcoach, you should be able to install the software.