February 19, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.


    A.        Call to Order and Roll Call

    B.        Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

    C.        Approval of Minutes  

    D.        Oral and Written Communications

    E.         Recognitions/Resolutions/Proclamations

    F.         Public Hearing 

    G.        Public Forum
    (Request to address the School Board regarding an item not on the agenda) 

    The School Board cannot take action on input/request(s).  Where appropriate, the Superintendent and staff will investigate your comments and report back to you and the School Board.  It is requested that presentations to the Board be limited to approximately five (5) minutes.

    H.        Approval of Agenda - items may be pulled from Administrative Agenda and placed under the respective Action Agenda category by request of Board Member/Superintendent

         Administrative Agenda

    I.         Human Resource Items

                            1.   Retirements & Resignations

                            2.   Instructional and Classified Appointments

                            3.   Substitute Teachers/Educational Support Substitutes

                            4.   Leaves: Without Pay, Illness in Line of Duty
                Curriculum/Instruction Items

                            5.   Student Reassignments/Transfers 

                            6.   Student Suspensions

                            7.   School Volunteers

      Financial Items

                            8.    Bills/Payroll, Dec. 2008

                            9.    Budget Amendment #09/04, Dec. 2008  

                            10.  Monthly Financial Statement, Dec. 2008

                Administrative Items

                            11.  Class and Club Trips

                            12.  Use of School Facilities


    Action Agenda

    J.     Human Resource Recommendations at Lewis Lynn,
                                                                                       Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

         1.   Administrative Appointments

         2.   Disciplinary Actions

         3.   Job Descriptions

         4 .  Risk Management

                a.  Reinstatement of New York Life

    K.    Curricular and Instructional Recommendations at Bill Price,
                                                                                                         Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

         1.   Alternative Placements/Expulsions

         2.   Termination of Alternative Placements/Expulsions

         3.   School Improvement Plans/School Advisory Council Bylaws/Memberships

         4.   Agreements/Grants/Projects/Contracts    

         5.   Jay High School Athletic Schedule

         6.   Early Head Start/Head Start January Monthly Report (Review Only)


    L.     Financial Recommendations at Doug Dillon,
                                                                       Assistant Superintendent for Finance

                      1.  Internal Funds Audit Proposal for FY 2008-09

                      2.  Request approval to advertise for a public hearing to be held March 17, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. to amend 2 mill Capital Outlay Projects

    M.    Administrative Recommendations at Joey Harrell,
                                                                                 Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services

         1.   Recommendations of Director of Purchasing and Contract Administration

                a.  Purchasing

                b.  Quarterly Presentations at Southern Management

         2.   Recommendations of Board Architect

                a.  Change Order (s)

                                        1.  Berryhill Elementary at 6 Classroom Addition

                                        2.  Central High School at New Weight Room

                 b.  Review status of current projects    

                 c.  Construction Bids

                            1.  Avalon Middle School at 10 Classroom Addition

                            2.  Holley-Navarre Intermediate at New Covered Play Area

          3.   DAG Architects

                a.   Change Order (s)

                            1.  Woodlawn Beach Middle School at Classroom Expansion

                            2.  Status of current project

          4.   Direct Purchasing Change Order at Central High School New Weight Room

    N.        Items from Board Members

    O.        Items from Board Attorney

    P.         Items from Superintendent

    Q.        Adjournment