Alternative Academic Programs

Laura Austin, Coordinator

Vikki Williamson, Secretary
Teresa Reilly, Testing Coordinator

Santa Rosa County Pupil Progression Plan for Admission to High School

Home educated students entering the ninth grade must meet the following criteria:

A.  Students may not enter the ninth grade any sooner than their peer group.

B.  Evidence of three years of middle school work substantiated by records from public or private schools, and/or home education programs having end-of-year evaluation
     by a Florida certified teacher.

C.  Testing will not be required of students entering at the ninth grade level.

D.  high School credit will not be awarded for work in a home education program.

E.  Home education students entering high school who desire high school credit must
     pass a comprehensive semester examination covering the performance standards
     of the semester unit of instruction of any course for which credit is to be awarded.
     Prior to any assessments being made, the student must be enrolled in a district
     school and in active attendance.  After completing the testing, the student will be
     classified by grade in accordance with the number of credits earned through such

F.  Testing of any semester course of instruction shall be limited to two (2)
     opportunities.  Any student who does not have a passing score after two attempts
     will be required to complete the semester course of instruction in a regular school
     term prior to credit being awarded.

Home education students shall be eligible to participate in extracurricular interscholastic activities at the students school of residence as established by the school district's attendance zones.  For a home educated student to be eligible to participate, the following conditions must be met:

A.  The Student must meet the requirements of the home education program pursuant
     to F.S. 232.04 as it relates to:

      (1)  Notifies the superintendent of the intent to establish and maintain a home
            education program within thirty (30) days of the students withdrawal from a
            traditional school program.

      (2)  Maintains a portfolio of records and materials.

      (3)  Provides for an annual evaluation to be files with the district school board

B.  The parents/guardians of the home education student must certify to the principal
     that the student meets the minimum grade point average as prescribed in article
     6.6061 and has passed each class for which enrolled for each grading period to
     coincide with the schools grading periods.

C.  The home education student must meet the same standards of acceptance,
     behavior, and performance required of other students participating in the
     extracurricular activity.

D.  The Student must register with the school the intent to participate as a
     representative of the school prior to the beginning date of the season for the
     activity in which participation is requested.

E.  The student must certify by a physical examination by a licensed physician on the
     "Santa Rosa County Schools Athletic Participation Screening Form" their fitness to
      participate in the extracurricular activity.  Proof of medical insurance must also be
      certified on this form by the parent.

F.  A home education student will not be eligible to participate in interscholastic
     activities at a district school if the student is under discipline sanctions from any
     other public, private, or parochial school, in or out of the State of Florida.